Quick Boatparty.biz Thoughts

I've been meaning to write up my boatparty.biz trip for a while now, but haven't found the time. Here's the short version:

Two weekends ago, my sister and I attended The Atlantic Ocean Comedy & Music Festival (affectionately known as boatparty dot biz). It was a phenomenal trip, and I can't wait to go to next year's. A week or so after we returned, the organizers sent out a survey to all of the attendees, and one of the questions asked what my favorite part of the trip was. I started to list all the comedians that absolutely killed it: Scott Simpson, Jasper Redd, Nadia Kamil, but I realized there wasn't a single name I didn't want to list.

The music was equally fantastic. Seeing my two favorite Johns (Roderick, Darnielle) in one set was mind blowing. Plus, the Manhattan Goats.

In general, a cruise isn't the type of vacation I would go on (something I heard the same thing from a lot of the other attendees) but this was something else. Something special.