Return to Writing

It has been a few years since I've written much online. I've missed it, so I'm starting up again. For those who are stumbling on to this randomly, let me introduce myself. I'm Sam Ingle, I'm an iOS developer in Portland. I inherited Ooler from my good friend Don Jeter a few years back, but haven't done much with it so far.

This site is running on a blogging engine I wrote a few weekends back, heavily inspired by Marco Arment's Second Crack. I don't have any intention of releasing my engine to the public, there's more than enough blogging tools out there already. I've decided to forego building comments into this system, but I'm happy to hear feedback on Twitter or App.net.

I plan on writing about iOS development, music, and general nerdery. I'll also occasionally release code here, and if I were hypothetically to release an iOS app (on my own, not at my day job), this would be the place to hear about it.

All that being said, enjoy the site, and feel free to get in touch.